How to Sell at Manheim

Selling at Manheim is easy. Our professional team take care of the entire auction process on your behalf. You don’t need to be on call to deal with interested buyers – we do it all for you.

With over 50 years experience in helping people sell vehicles, the Manheim team can take care of the entire selling process.

Benefits of selling your damaged car through auction at Manheim include:

  • Weekly auctions attract thousands of potential buyers
  • All vehicles are advertised online with professional images and detailed information for 24/7 online viewing and are also listed in auction catalogues
  • Your damaged vehicle is offered in our competitive auction environment, ensuring true market values
  • Vehicles are displayed to the public on viewing days to maximise exposure for your vehicle prior to auction

As one of the world's leading automotive remarketing group, Manheim can provide you with the peace of mind on the sale of your damaged car to the auction specialists with the experience, tools and resources to facilitate the sale of your vehicle.

For more information about selling your damaged vehicle through auction with Manheim, contact your nearest operating location and speak with one of our team members.