How to buy at auction - Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

You can find a large variety of cars available to buy through our regular weekly auctions. In addition to these auctions, many Manheim locations offer vehicles through online timed auctions, called BidNow. New auction catalogues are available online each week. Check our locations page for opening hours and information regarding possible viewing.

The Process

Bidding Online

To bid online, you must register as a National Member prior to auction.

Simulcast Auctions

Simulcast allows you to see and hear the action as it happens in the auction lane from anywhere so you can bid and buy vehicles online in real time.

Login to Simulcast, our online auction portal, via the website or the Manheim Simulcast app. Then select the appropriate auction and start bidding.

If you are successful, you will receive your invoice via email, this is confirmation that you have won your item and payment is required. If the item is referred, and you are the highest bidder our team will call you before 5pm on the day the auctions ends.


Vehicles are listed in silent, time-based auctions and bids are placed until the auction closing time is reached.

  • Just submit your maximum bid and our system will bid for you.
  • If another bidder outbids you, you’ll be notified via email and on the BidNow Dashboard.
  • If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email copy of your invoice which you are required to pay.
  • Keep track of your bids with your own buyer Dashboard. If the item is referred, and you are the highest bidder our team will call you before 5pm on the day the auctions ends.
To find out more about BidNow and managing your BidNow Dashboard click here.

Physical Auctions

In-person bidding is available at our Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney locations. If you are permitted to bid in person, you must complete a Buyer Registration Form available in the foyer or online for 'Consumers' or 'Dealers'. You need photo identification to register and will receive your Buyer Number upon registration.

If you're interested in bidding on behalf of another individual or party, it's essential for both parties to complete and submit an authorization form. You can easily access and download the necessary form by clicking here. This process ensures that all parties involved are on the same page and have given their consent, maintaining transparency and compliance with the bidding procedure.

To place a bid, you must raise your Buyer Number or hand to gain the attention of the Auctioneer.

If you are the highest bidder, you must pay a deposit. Please go directly to the Deposit Clerk desk in the lane to make the payment. To find out more and view the auction catalogues, please click here.


You must provide your billing details in order to place a bid on a BidNow listing or to enter a Simulcast auction.
A deposit will be applied automatically to the selected payment method upon the successful purchase of an asset via the BidNow or Simulcast sales channel.

The deposit amount will vary depending on sale price:

Sale price Deposit
$1 - $500 No deposit taken
$501 - $10,000 $500 or 10% (whichever is greater)
$10,001 and over $1,000 deposit

Invoices are automatically emailed at the conclusion of a sale.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, EFTPOS, BPAY or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only and a processing fee of 0.4% applies to credit card transactions). Credit card payments must be made in person. Cash, personal cheques and business cheques are not accepted. You are also required to pay the balance of your purchase by 4pm the following day.

Please allow 24 hours for payment to be processed. Once funds are cleared you will receive a tax invoice with a zero balance indicating that your item is ready for collection. Please call us if you have not received a zero balance tax invoice 24 hours after making payment.

Credit Card/PayPal details are only captured by Manheim's payment gateway provider via a secure popup portal; Manheim does NOT store any credit card or PayPal information.  When selecting "Card" - a pre-authorisation transaction of $1 may appear on your credit/debit card statement from 'Cox Automotive' OR 'Manheim Pty Ltd'. This is not a charge, just a temporary hold on funds and it is not debited into Manheim’s bank account. It enables Manheim to check if funds are available on the credit or debit card and reserve the funds without debiting the cardholder's account. It provides a level of assurance that a customer's card is valid, has sufficient funds and is not stolen.



Billing Details and Online Deposits


You can collect your item once you have paid in full and the funds have cleared. You must arrange collection of your item by 4pm the business day after auction ends, otherwise late fees will apply.

Useful Information

  • It is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle. You can obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit through any vehicle registration office and most of our sites. Check with Manheim team members for more information.
    VIC: Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is compulsory and is included in the registration of the car. If you purchase an unregistered vehicle, you must purchase an unregistered vehicle permit (UVP) from VicRoads (which includes CTP for the nominated permit time). Click here for more information.
    NSW: Unregistered vehicle permits are available from Service NSW for a fee. This permit allows you to drive your vehicle from the Manheim site within a certain timeframe. Customers purchasing an unregistered vehicle are required to have their Manheim tax invoice, CTP in place and pink/blue inspection certificate to register their vehicle. Click here for more information.
    QLD: Unregistered vehicle permits are available from QLD transport (DTMR), you can apply online through the DTMR website. Alternatively, you can obtain CTP insurance for a period of 6 or 12 months (however long you are intending to register the car initially). In QLD there are 4 CTP providers: RACQ, Allianz, Suncorp, and QBE. If the vehicle is sold with a RWC (this will be stated in the vehicle listing) in Brisbane, we can do new registration for you if you hold a QLD CRN (drivers’ license). You are unable to obtain registration for a third party as we can only register a vehicle in the name of the person on the invoice.
    TAS: Unregistered Vehicle permits are issued via Service Tasmania. Complete an application for a Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit (MR23). Submit the form at Service Tasmania and pay the fee.
    WA: If the vehicle you purchased is unregistered, you can arrange for the vehicle to be towed or you can obtain a Temporary Movement Permit from the DoT. A temporary movement permit allows you to move an unlicensed vehicle to be inspected for the purposes of licensing or repairs before licensing. The permit provides personal injury and death liability cover to the owner and any person who drives the motor vehicle as a result of an accident involving the vehicle for which the permit is issued. It does not provide cover in respect of damage to property including the vehicle itself. If insurance of this type is required, it must be arranged separately with private insurers.
  • If books are indicated in any stage of the selling process, this does not necessarily mean they contain the service history. Books merely indicate that some form of instruction manuals may be available.

    Log book information is available online in the vehicle condition reports.

    Collect log books and accessories, where available, for up to 7 days after your purchase. Books and accessories will be disposed of if not collected.

  • Buyer Fees apply to all vehicles and assets sold at Manheim. Details of applicable buyer fees can be found here as well as on site, in catalogues and at cashiers.